Today, we learn about the benefits of food oils, edible and non-toxic substances. Enjoy this fascinating conversation between Martin and Dr. Cass Ingram, talking about North American Herb & Spice oils! All mentioned products are available here.




Ayla Seyhun in Turkey talks Plants and Life with Scott Paton

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Martin Pytela and Richie Ogulnick discuss opioid addiction, pain medicines and how to get off them.

They discussed CBD Oil and The Gift.

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Essentially, The Gift is self-esteem in a bottle. Use it to empower personal growth and raising your consciousness. The Gift can simply “opens the door” – it does not force you through it.

High self esteem means self-acceptance and love, which helps to lower stress, generate success, and build healthy relationships. It opens the way for creativity and self-development. It armors us against negative messages, programming and subliminal suggestions. High self-esteem is also well correlated with good immune system functioning. The Gift can support a release from addictions too.

Surround yourself with a cocoon of love energy that supports you through everyday’s challenges.

The Gift is a unique formulation of naturally occurring minerals as a base carrier for the bio-equivalent of a strongly positive attitude. It is charged with energies that disperse immediately into your emotional body.

Richie Ogulnick, the founder of TaperAid, has been working in the field of addiction since 1993, when he began working with an alkaloid called Ibogaine. Ibogaine is a powerful psychoactive extracted from a West African shrub called “tabernathe iboga”. It can restore a person to a pre-addictive state within 24-36 hours with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

While Ibogaine is an extremely effective tool, it has its limitations. Its psychoactive properties may be too daunting for some, it requires medical clearance, it requires professional oversight throughout the process, and the cost is prohibitive for many.

After many years of working with Ibogaine, Richie realized that it would never be the accessible home remedy that he had initially hoped for. At that point, Richie was introduced to the Vietnamese remedy that became the inspiration for TaperAid.

A message from Richie:
“One of my goals is for people to feel supported during this process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions before, during, or after your experience with TaperAid. The contact info on this site is my direct line. You may catch me in the middle of playing with my grandchildren and I’m happy to take calls anytime.”



Martin and Scott talk about the consequences of our individual and collective actions as 14,000 people are evacuated as wildfires burn BC. California is not far behind.

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Hormones and Weight Loss

by Scott


Weight loss with Metabolic Typing

Discover why your diet never works.

As a Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor I will be able to assist you with the determination of your Metabolic Type® and with the interpretation of the results. I will also be able to assist you with the implementation of the life style changes needed to achieve your goals: better health, elimination of pain, improved performance. You will soon be seeing the positive effects of matching your food intake with your physiological needs.

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Now you can grow quality full size plants for less than 70 cents/plant. The Organiponic commercial systems use approximately 90% less water per plant than traditional soil farming.

Clean growing environments allow produce to grow year-round almost anywhere. No need for produce to travel thousands of miles to reach the consumer.


Organiponic’s commercial vertical hydroponic systems are capable of growing over 2 million plants (greens & herbs) per acre per year. Full size (not just micros) year-round quality fresh produce everyone will enjoy.


Studies show that there is as much as 90% of the pesticide residue left on plants grown in traditional soil even after washing and rinsing. By growing indoor there is little or no use of harsh pesticides on plants.



The Air You Breathe

by Scott


Martin Pytela and Scott Paton discuss a huge factor in your health that few people consider: The Air You Breath!

A quantum leap in air purification technology. High quality innovative air purification products for a healthy, clean indoor environment. Airpura Industries is determined to operate in the greenest way possible while manufacturing an excellent product that improves your living environment.

They reduce waste and carbon emissions, recycle materials used in production and facilitate product recycling at the end of their useful life, and they reuse wherever possible. This company operates in ways that continues to contribute to the improvement of the environmental health of the planet we all share.



Ellagitannins are beneficial to our bodies. Martin Pytela and Scott Paton talk about the EllagiPlex formula tat delivers them in a healthy and delicious smoothie powder blend.

Your body has a built-in ability to shut-off and dissolve cells that cannot be repaired and to replace them with young and healthy cells. Ellagic acid helps activate this natural mechanism called apoptosis.

This blend of ellagitannins from raspberry seeds, complemented by strawberry, blueberry and blackberry seeds helps boost a suppressed cellular turnover mechanism.

Scientific studies show that ellagitannins prevent uncontrolled cellular replication. When combined in a multifaceted blend, these antioxidants and minerals will enhance your cellular renewal and return to normal function.

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Manifest a Breakthrough from Life to Light

Exsula LotusMaster-crafted from hundreds of tangible and intangible components of the most precious, superior forms.

Are you feeling hurt, suffering, sad, angry, hopeless, lost, chained to the past? Negativity? Bad dreams?
Release those now with a soothing mist for your face.

Feeling suffocated? Hard to breathe?
Inhale a fine mist.

Eyes burning and tired, dull and out of focus?
Spray a fine mist overhead and look up into it as it falls.

Need to find your voice?
Spray into open mouth.

Rise-n-shine whole body spray. Soothe sunburns and scrapes.



Martin Pytela and Scott Paton talk about the emotion side of illness. How does your Subconscious Mind affect your health?

We are not good at expressing our feelings constructively. Be open to new possibilities.

We talk about Joan Kaylor:



Whole Body Vibration

by Scott


Todd Wickstrom joins Scott Paton and Martin Pytela to talk about a proven exercise and health regime: Vibrating.

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How Whole Body Vibration Works

?If you read the history page, you know that the technology was originally designed to increase bone density and muscle mass. When you start to use your VibraTrim, you will notice how your body automatically adapts to the vibrations. One of the first results you will have is increased flexibility and range of motion. By standing on the plate, the vibration generates systematic involuntary muscle contraction through out the body not only increases your flexibility but also burns fat by increasing your metabolism while it improves your circulation and provides your cells with ideal oxygen and nutrient delivery to slow the degenerative process.

The VibraTrim unit is designed to create adjustable vibrations from 10-50 Hz by a oscillating vibration. This pivotal system vibrates at the correct speed from a medical and body-toning standpoint. The VibraTrim generates systematic involuntary muscle contraction with less G force than the “piston” type systems, the other style of Whole Body Vibration that is on the market.

Whole body vibration has been researched for more than 100 years and has been shown to have the following benefits:

  1. Increases flexibility, range of motion and mobility (decreases muscle tightness and increases mobility – the abilities to walk and stand)

  2. Improved balance and coordination

  3. Provides benefits of both anaerobic and aerobic exercise

  4. Increases physical strength, dexterity, and endurance

  5. Reduces arthritic pain, joint and ligament stress

  6. Improved pelvic floor function (this can help to reduce bladder problems or incontinence)

  7. Increases the “happiness” hormones serotonin and neurotrophine, substances that support our thinking process (this helps to reduce

  8. Decreases the stress hormone cortisol

  9. Enhances strength and fast twitch muscles (reduces spasticity and increases smoothness of muscle function)

  10. Enhances conventional training results

  11. Speeds training recovery

  12. Enhances pain reduction

  13. Improves collagen production (joint repair)

  14. Relieves tension and chronic pain in ankles, knees, lower back and neck

  15. Posture is enhanced and strengthened overall

  16. Enhances critical blood flow throughout the body (oxygenation and lymph drainage) (increases how well your body can detoxify and helps with brain function, since the brain is getting more oxygen to help it to function better).

  17. Increases secretion of hormones that are important in regeneration and repair processes, such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone), IGF-1, and testosterone

  18. Decreased Cortisol levels (stress hormone)

  19. Enhanced athletic performance due to improved muscle strength and tone

  20. Important muscle groups are worked

  21. Using simple adjustments in posture and body positioning, produces the effects of 80 different exercises

  22. Decreased recovery time after workouts

  23. Increased tendon strength

  24. Increased basal metabolic rate

  25. Accelerated weight loss

  26. Increased bone strength, density and fights osteoporosis

  27. Increased lumbar proprioception

  28. Reduced back pain and stiffness

  29. Positive results seen on neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s

  30. Reduced effects of stress and stress incontinence

  31. Rehabilitates injuries and ailments

  32. Stimulated lymphatic drainage

  33. Reduces appearance of cellulite (reduces weight gain and helps to tone the body)

  34. Tones and tightens skin

  35. Improved collagen production